Montgomery, Alabama

"The Legacy Museum", located in Montgomery Alabama is an iconic, mesmerizing, and sometimes gut-wrenching landmark. When visiting, this museum it's an absolute must see. Montgomery Alabama is already known to be rich with history dating back from the Civil Rights movement with Dr. Martin Luther King and the courageous Rosa Parks - refusing to give up her bus seat, just to list a few. The Legacy Museum continues to shed light on this rich history. Upon entering you are met with a dark atmosphere via low lighting to depict the heaviness of the subject matter. The museum starts with the Transatlantic Slave Trade to America, with an enormous LED TV screen displaying a stormy night across the Atlantic Ocean as thunder and treacherous waves fill the screen. You become full of emotions and might I add will be ill prepared for what comes next. As you travel along, each hall gives an account of slavery through the eyes of actual slaves. They depict stories of soil ceremonies which are simply soil taken from the land where our ancestors were lynched along with photos depicting the cruel history. While moving through the exhibit you start to embark on the more recent incidents that Blacks in America have endured such as mass incarnation, police brutality and many more of racial injustices. Entry fee is only five dollars which I think is a fair amount for this experience. If there was a negative thing I could say about this experience it would be that I was not allowed to take any photos or videos. I had asked the staff for their stance on this and I was told that they want people to experience the museum for themselves and not via social media. This is what made me write a blog of my experience here at the Legacy Museum to try to help to get them the exposure that they deserve. The pictures below are from the only area where you are allowed to take pictures of, however I do encourage you to visit the museum if you get the opportunity to experience this for yourself. You will not be disappointed and more than likely will leave changed as I was.

Statue of enslaved mother with child in bondage
Close up of chains, depicting an enslaved African American.
Statue of enslaved African American man
Statue of enslaved elderly woman squatting.
Statue of enslaved African American man
Statue of enslaved African American woman on her knees.
The hall of counties where African Americans were hung.
hall of counties where African Americans were hung.
Carteret County, North Carolina

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